Clean my database

Documentation page for the configuration page Clean my database on the AcyChecker plugin

This configuration page allows you to check all the users on your website and block them given the conditions you've selected.


This first part allows you to select which users you want to test. For now you can test your website users and AcyMailing 5/latest users.

You also have a filter on website user groups and AcyMailing lists if you want to only test users in these groups/lists.


When checking users in bulk, you can choose to apply an action on fake users that are found. You can automatically block them, deleted them, or keep them and decide lated (in the Tests listing with the button "Handle test results").

Fake users are found based on the conditions you set below.


This part lets you choose the conditions to find the fake users in your user base. The selected action will be applied to users matching at least one of the selected conditions.

  • Is a disposable email address: A disposable email is a temporary email (like It's convenient for people who don't want to give their real email address on a website but for your email marketing it's not great because you send emails to non-existing users

  • Is registered through a free domain: This means that the email address is free, like Gmail or Yahoo, for example. There are no cons on your side if you want to send marketing emails to them

  • Is registered through a non-existent domain: This is a red flag. It means that the domain doesn't exist and therefore the email address doesn't exist either

  • Is an accept all email address: This means that all emails on that domain will work, you'll be able to send emails to them but there are potentially no one receiving them

  • Is a role based email address: Role-based email addresses are emails that do not belong to a specific user but more to a role, for example, is a role based email.

  • Does not exist on the SMTP server of the domain: This means that we asked via SMTP protocol if we can send an email to this email address, and it responded that it doesn't exist. Like the non-existent domain, it's bad to send emails to a non-existent email address, it affects the IP reputation.


You can either test all your user base once (select "Right now"), or set up AcyChecker to regularly check your users (select "Every week" or "Every month").

You can disable the automated tests per week/month by clicking the "Stop periodic tests" button.

When using the "Right now" option, your users are added in the queue that can be seen in the Tests listing page. You can expect to receive 5000 test results every 6 minutes, more or less.

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