Tests listing

Documentation page for the Tests listing on AcyChecker plugin

This page is where you can check all the tests that have been done on your users' emails

Action buttons

  • Cancel pending tests: Clicking this button will remove the email addresses from the testing queue if they have the "Pending" status. You cannot cancel tests for the ones in "In progress" status because they are already being tested by our service

  • Clear finished tests: This will delete test results for tests with the "Finished" status

  • Export test results: This will download a file with all the tests matching the current filters (search and status). This will however not take the checked rows into account.

  • Export blocked users: This will download a file with the email address, date and reason for all the users that have been blocked based on your configuration.

  • Export deleted users: This will download a file with the email address, date and reason for all the users that have been deleted based on your configuration.

  • Handle test results: You can mass block/delete users based on some conditions with this button. You can also select users on the listing before clicking the button to make sure conditions only apply on the selected users.


  • Email: The email address tested

  • User status: It shows if AcyChecker blocked/removed this user based on your configuration. If it did, a red cross will be shown with a tooltip showing the reason

  • Date: The date when the test has been sent

  • Trustworthiness: This result isn't taken into account when blocking/deleting fake users. It is only here to tell you what the API thinks of the email address

  • Disposable: If the email address is a disposable one

  • Free: If the email address is registered through a free domain like Gmail

  • Accept all: If the domain accept all email address

  • Role email: If the email belongs to a role instead of someone, support@example.com is a role email address

  • Current step: A test can be Pending (either waiting for available credits or for the previous batch to finish), In progress (sent to our API and waiting to receive the results), Finished (results received), Failed (didn't receive the results)

  • Action: You can manually block/unblock/delete users with these actions

For the trustworthiness column, here are the possible values:

  • Not existing: We are sure that this email address doesn't exist, either because the domain doesn't exist or we contacted its domain and it told us that the address didn't exist

  • Risky: If it is a disposable email address, if we couldn't connect to the domain or if the domain answered with a non-conventional return code

  • Possible: If the domain exists but refused to answer, or if it's an "accept all" domain

  • Valid: This is a real email address that is not an accept all domain

Handle test results

When cleaning your database, you have the option to either automatically block/delete users based on your conditions, or first run a test on the email addresses then deciding what to do after that.

In this case, clicking the "Handle test results" on this page will open this popup:

You will find the same options as in the "Clean my database" menu, and a preview of the number of users matching the selected conditions is shown at the bottom.

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