Test listing
Documentation page for the Tests listing on AcyChecker plugin
This page is where you can check all the tests that have been done on your users' emails


At the top of the page, you have a search field you can search for an email address.
Right below you have several 3 filters with the number of results between parenthesis:
  • All: All the email addresses sent to be tested on the API
  • Tested: All the email addresses which have been tested and we have the result for it
  • In progress: All the emails addresses sent to be tested but we still wait for a response


Here are the columns:
  • Email: The email address tested
  • Date: The date when the test has been sent
  • Final status: What the API thinks of the email address
  • Disposable: If the email address is a disposable one
  • Free: If the email address is registered through a free domain like Gmail
  • Accept all: If the domain accept all email address
  • Role email: If the email belongs to a role instead of someone, [email protected] is a role email address
  • Status: If we receive the test from the API
We can see on the screenshot at the top that there are columns with - instead of 0 or 1, this means that we didn't receive the response from the API yet.
Here are all the final stats you can have:
  • Not existing: We are sure that this address doesn't exists either because the domain doesn't exists either or the SMTP told us so
  • Risky: We are not confident that this address exists but if you send emails to it, it will impact your IP reputation and you'll be considered as spam more easily
  • Possible: You can send emails to this address, but we are not sure if it really corresponds to a user, it may be on an accept all domain
  • Valid: This is a real email address that is not an accept all domain
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